How to Evaluate Law Firms to Find the Right One for Your Needs

Allegory of  justice

You might have thought that the only people who need to go to law firms are those who have gotten into trouble with the law, or those who run their own businesses. However, many people have a need for legal services more often than you might expect. For instance, you may need a lawyer to help with a child custody case, to assist you in setting a dispute with your employer, or to challenge an insurance settlement.

When these topics arise, you may feel astounded by trying to discover the exact attorney. With so many choices out there, how do you select the right one? Here are a few things you can do to evaluate the different firms and find the one best one suited your needs:

First: Area of Practice

Attorneys are not generalists. They may have learned about all law aspects through their education, but lawyers specialize in a specific practice area. Hence, if you need assistance with a divorce matter, you must not go to a firm from that has experience with family law. If you are being sued for injury due by neglect, you must not go to a divorce expert. Look, specially, at areas that offer services that match up to your problem. You can call and ask if you aren’t sure.

Second: Years of Experience

If you are in the situation of dealing a complicated matter, you do not want someone who will represent you who have just graduated or have only a little years of practice under your belt. You want someone who has an adequate experience to having the connections and expertise in getting you results.


Some law firms have a flat fee as a payment for representation while others charge a settlement’s percentage. For instance, in workers’ compensation and personal injury cases, it is so common to not charge a fee upfront, but rather to take a cut of settlement. Most of us do not have the funds for a big retainer, so the percentage model is frequently more reasonable. You can also learn more about law firms by checking out the post at

Just ensure that all the fees are clear upfront. Some areas might bill you by the hour which can be unpredictable if the case goes on longer than you expect or becomes more complicated. If the fees are so much for you, the FARAH AND FARAH firm might be willing to negotiate a payment option with you.


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